• Natural atmosphere cleaning Mechanism?
  • There are mechanisms in the biosphere that remove, assimilate and recycle natural pollutants.
    These pollutants disperse and dilute in the atmosphere. Then, as shown figure, a naturally cleanser, the Hydroxyl radicals (OH), oxidizes many of them to product that are harmless or that can be brought down to earth by precipitation.
  • Hydroxyl radicals are normally generated in nature(open air)
  • How does OH(Hydroxyl Radical) work
  • New Technology and under development
  • Wellis Chemical Reaction method (from UK)
  • Developed technology by UK Defense
  • Commercialized for European Hospital since 2009
  • Unique technology combine natural-scent oils with ozone to generate Hydroxyl radicals(OH) same as OH in the nature.
  • RELATIVE POWER OF OXIDANTS Important Facts About Relative Power
    Flourine.(toxic) 3.06 2.25
    Hydroxyl Radical(OH)-(non-toxic) 2.80 2.05
    Atomic Oxygen(O1)-(non-toxic) 2.42 1.78
    Ozone(O3)-(toxic) 2.07 1.52
    Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)-(safe) 1.77 1.30
    Per-Hydroxyl Radical(HO2)-(safe) 1.70 1.25
    Oxygen(O2)-(non-toxic) 1.23 0.90
  • Effect of atmospheric Hydroxyl radicals on human
    • In the early 1970's, Leeds University, in Great Britain, embarked on a program that asked the question,
      "What do hydroxyl radicals do?" A University study found that, the activity of atmospheric hydroxyls
      was responsible for neutralizing some 2500 atmospheric chemicals by way of some 7000 reactions.
      For this reason, hydroxyl radicals found in the atmosphere have been called "nature's detergent"
      or "Mother Nature's broom".

      Hydroxyl radicals also attack the porous cell walls of bacteria and viruses which destroys them
      through the process known as cell lysing.
      Human, animal and plant cells are " designed" to be in the sunlight and have cell walls that are
      less porous and are not harmed by atmospheric hydroxyl radicals.

      As a point of interest, we are aware of one hydroxyl radical application being used medically.
      The 3M Corporation has been granted a 'Medical Patent' to produce a hydroxyl based atmospheric delivery
      system ( Proventil HFA inhaler) for asthmatics.
      Long years and millions of research dollars have been expended
      so that this 'safe and effective' formulation could be developed to deliver hydroxyls into the lungs of asthmatics.
      This group of people already has a formidable respiratory challenge. If this delivery/medication system were flawed,
      in any way, it could not be released to the general public.
      The FDA would not sanction a product that would further burden the respiratory system of asthmatics.

      Primer on Hydroxyl Radicals (
  • Hydroxyl radical(OH) Effect on air purifying.
    • Gas-phase radical chemistry in the troposphere
    • Paul S. Monks
    • Received 22nd November 2004
      First published as an Advance Article on the web 28th February 2005
      DOI : 10.1039/b307982c
    • Atmospheric free radicals are low concentration, relatively fast reacting species whose influence is felt throughout the atmosphere. Reactive radicals have a key role in maintaining a balanced atmospheric composition through their central function in controlling the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere. In this tutorial review, the chemistry of three main groups of atmospheric radicals HOX, NOX and XOX ( X=C2, Br, I ) are examined in terms of their sources, interconversions and sinks. Key examples of the chemistry are given for each group of radicals in their atmospheric context.
    • Sources : " Gas-phase radical chemistry in the troposphere", Paul S. Monks., Chem. Soc. Rev., 2005,Vol.34, pp376–395
  • The importance of Hydroxyl radical(OH) on the air-purifying
    • Study Finds a Decline in Natural Air Cleanser
      Published: May 4,2001
    • Scientist say they have detected wide swings and, most recently, a sharp drop in atmospheric concentrations of chemicals that naturally purge the air of many kinds of contaminants and methane, a powerful heat-trapping greenhouse gas.
      The scientists say they suspect that the decline is related to human activity, because the biggest drop was measured in the northern hemisphere, where most industry and other human activity is concentrated.
      The researchers, who described their work in today's issue of the journal Science, said there were still many uncertainties involved in calculating amounts of the molecules.
    • Sources : "Study Finds a Decline In Natural Air Cleanser", By ANDREW C. REVKIN , Published: May 4, 2001, NewYork Times.


  • Hospital test result
  • Wellis run the test at hospital to validate the normal living space.
  • KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) TEST RESULTS
  • Test results at KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories)
  • Items Result
    Initial density 4hours later (CFU/mL) Bacteria reduction(%)
    Antibacterial test for E. coli 1.7X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
    Antibacterial test for
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    1.9X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
    Antibacterial test for
    Staphylococcus aureus
    1.4X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
    Antibacterial test for
    1.6X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
    Antibacterial test for
    2.0X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
    Antibacterial test for
    MRSA bacteria
    1.2X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
  • Result : It shows a 99.9% reduction in bacteria pathogens during an antibacterial test run to verify the existence of bacterial contaminants on surfaces such as clothing and furniture.
  • Items Result
    Initial density 4hours later (CFU/mL) Bacteria reduction(%)
    Reduction test for Airborne microbes
    (K pneumoniae)
    1.2X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
    Reduction test for Airborne microbes 1.0X10⁴ 〈10 99.9
  • Result : It shows a 99.9% reduction in bacteria and a reduction in floating microorganisms during a test run to verify the existence of suspended microorganism inactivation contaminants in indoor air.
  • Items Result
    Deodorization efficiency (Ammonia NH, 4h) 80
    Deodorization efficiency (Toluene C6H5CH3, 4h) 99.5 +
    Deodorization efficiency (Formaldehyde, HCHD, 4h) 65
  • Result : For Toluene, it shows a deodorizing efficiency of more than 99.5%
    (*Toluene : substances included in petrochemicals such as paint and glue. It causes sick building syndrome)
  • Test result (certificate)
  • Patent