• "Around 2.8million population per year is killed caused by indoor pollution (5% of the overall death)
                   40% of the building world-wide would be harmful for the health."
  • - World Health Organization (WHO) -
  • Wellis is trying to develop the product applying natural reaction technology.
    Air cleaner technology has been rapidly growing.
    However, Wellis will be able to diversify optimized product such as for home and for Industry purpose by application
    since it’s technology comparing current air cleaner’s has far excellent disinfecting efficacy.
    Wellis will do our best for better product based on unique Hydroxyl radicals technology for the customer satisfaction.


  • Wellis has been working R/D for Indoor Air Quality Industry together with local and overseas’ partners
    including company located in Spain. These are disinfection efficacy improvement and Eco-friendly
    product/technology/part etc ., for the better Indoor Air Quality.
    Wellis introduced the second product model named by WADU-02 as of June. 2016 reflecting current air cleaner’s
    weakness of high maintenance cost, limited disinfection efficacy, big in size and noise, heavy in weight.
  • - Co-R/D work with partner in Spain
    - Continuous run the Test at the local famous hospitals
    - Product development with Government supported research Institutes
    - Develop filter combined type product to meet the requirement of removing dust particles.
    - Vehicle/private : Odor, fungi, VOC in small space.
    - Specialized/optimized product development by application for Industrial purpose.



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